6th Ramsgate Royal Harbour Sea Scouts

Stage 4 – Kitchen clean up

Hello again! Today, we focused on cleaning up the kitchen.

(As usual, if you haven’t seen the previous blog posts we’d recommend having a look, as it provides more info about what’s going on, and what’s going where. If you want to have a look, you can find them here.)

In the photos below, you’ll see the pictures of the kitchen before it was tidied up. It is around the same size as the kitchen in the Sailor’s church where our Headquarters used to be, but this time we’ll have access to hot water which means we don’t have to boil a kettle each time we want to use some!

The bonus to the positioning of the kitchen means if we need to carry warm water to and from the boatshed, we don’t have to walk far at-all, (which means less water spillages on the carpet 🎉). And, the most fantastic thing is we now have an outside cold water tap for connecting a hose so we can wash off our boats. This is very exciting news for 6th Ramsgate as we have managed without one for years!

There isn’t much more to look at in this post, the room was cleaned up, and now we’re ready for when we move out of the church, and into the Icehouse! 🥳

Stick around for the next post, where we’ll reveal our next move.


Hawkeye and Dizzy