Frequently Asked Questions

What commitment are we asking for?

Not that much, all we ask is that on two occasions over a full year that as part of their promise and law all members and volunteers take part in the formal church parades. The first being St Georges day, Patron Saint of England. All Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorer Scouts and Leaders from the district of Thanet attend the parade though Margate ending at the winter gardens for the service where we all renew our promise. The second parade is Remembrance Sunday we parade though Ramsgate to St George’s church for the service. In total about 5 hours, not a lot considering the amount of activities they get and the amount of time that is put in by the leaders, on this note, any scout not attending these 2 parades without an extremely good and genuine excuse will be asked to leave.

How to join?

We welcome all new members. If you’d like to join, please complete our online enquiry form, or email us directly at

How much does membership cost?

The first month is FREEEEEE then £15 a month from then on. We advise all new scouts wait for a while before committing to buying a uniform but we would expect the Scout to be in full uniform no later than 6 weeks, then they will be invested after that. After 6 weeks, please complete the Standing Order Form on page 20 and return it to your scout leader.

How do we communicate?

To keep cost down we try to communicate everything by email.  However, our doors are always open, if there is anything you need to discuss with us please don’t hesitate to call us or pop in to see us.

What about the Badge work?

Badges can be earned for many activities and there’s too many to list here so if you have internet access then the place to go is if not, then come and see one of the leaders who will be able to help.

Who are the leaders?

We have a good family based leadership team with all putting in a lot of time and effort for the benefit of the scouts. None of us get paid for the work we do within scouting and the average time that the scouting association say that the leaders put in is 2 hours - that is nowhere near the actual time which is more like on average 6-8 hours a week - that’s without weekend camp time and 5 days holiday for the summer camp. If we did not enjoy it we wouldn’t be here!!

What Can Parents Do?

All we ask for from parents is support in ensuring their child turns up on time and is collected on time, and encourages them to take part in as many activities as possibly. The only time we really need any help is at camp time, especially at the end of camp with the moving and putting away of equipment.

What comes after Scouts?

When a young person reaches the age of 14½-years, they can move on to Explorers or Sea Explorers and a whole new adventure begins. Please ask the Scout Leader for details.

Do you need Adult Volunteers?

We are always keen to receive extra help from volunteers. If you have an hour or two to spare on a regular basis, we would love to hear from you. Please contact with your details.