About 6th Ramsgate Sea Scout Group


Our Group is one of three Sea Scout Groups in Thanet and we are very proud of the fact that we are Admiralty Recognised – one of only 101 Sea Scout Groups in the country to achieve this recognition.  Scroll down to read more about the RN system and the benefits we enjoy as a Group.

Our group comprises three sections:

Beavers (for age 6 - 8 years)

Cubs (for age 8 - 10½ years)

Scouts (for age 10½ - 14½ years)

For children who want to continue their Scouting beyond the age of 14½ there are District run Explorer Units.

Membership for all sections is open to both boys and girls.

All our sections meet in the same place, at our Head Quarters on the Second Floor above the Sailor’s Church at Ramsgate Harbour.

6th Ramsgate Sea Scout Group is a charity registered in England under registration number 1075216.

History of 6th Ramsgate Sea Scouts

The group was first formed in the 1930’s, one of the Ramsgate Sea Scouts even served on  the little ship “Sundowner” during the evacuation of Dunkirk. The group was reformed as 6th Ramsgate in the 1950’s and has been recognised by the Royal Navy (RN) since the 1960’s.

During World War II, Scouts played a significant part in aiding British home forces in the defense on Britain. This can especially be said for sea scouts.

They acted as look outs up and down the country’s coast looking for German ship movements. They acted as messengers between military personnel and even took up maritime positions that were previously held by men now fighting in the front line.

At the end of the war the Royal Navy wanted to recognize the support that Sea Scouting had given and indeed those scouts who had lost their lives in that support. So was born the Royal Navy Recognized Sea Scout scheme.

101 of the top Sea Scout groups were each given a recognition number which affiliated them with the RN.

Position 101 was agreed to always be given to Gibraltar Sea Scouts as their war effort vastly exceeded any other.

The other 100 positions would have to be earned, as set of standards and criteria were laid down and every 18 months a dedicated Lt Commander from the Royal Navy will visit for perform a formal inspection of our Group to make sure it upholds these standards.


The RN Scheme (Royal Navy)

We are one of 101 Sea Scout groups recognised by the Royal Navy out of 600 or so Sea Scout Groups in the country, our RN No. is 67.

The benefits awarded to RN groups include:

In the late 1990’s a small group of experienced Sea Scout leaders from across  the country came up with an idea, if we could book training vessels as individual groups then why don’t we book them as a whole. So was born the HMS Bristol Summer Camp.

HMS Bristol was the flag ship of the Falklands War, now permanently berthed at Whale Island in Portsmouth she is an accommodation vessel of the RN sailing center. For one week during the May/June half term approximately 250-300 sea scouts, explorer helpers and leaders from all over the country move in to HMS Bristol.

They use the sailing center to organize kayaking, sailing power boating, day trips and many other activities. Everything is organized and run by the leaders who attend. During the week the scouts live as naval personnel in mess decks, marching to breakfast and following the watch timetables. It is a fantastic experience and is available to any RN Sea Scout over the age of 12.

Since the success of the summer camp we now also have Soccer Sixes held at HMS Bristol in September, Explorer Camp on HMS Bristol in October and the swimming gala held at HMS Raleigh in January, as well as access to leader training weekends.

The scouts have built up a fantastic relationship with the RN through these events and we are now also being offered places on CCF events as well, such as boat tours, aircraft training and open days.

The RN Scheme (Royal Navy)

As a RN accredited Sea Scout Group, we have enjoy the following benefits:

Flying the Flag

Flying the defaced red ensign at Scout meetings (we fly both this and the Union Jack flag to simulate each end of a ship).

RN Pendant

We have the Royal Naval pendant flying in our Headquarters.

RN Recognition Badge

All members of our Scout Group are issue with the RN recognition badge to wear proudly on their scout uniform.

RN Match funding

We have access to apply for RN match funding to help purchase training and equipment.

Discounted Uniform

Access to the RN stores to purchase discounted uniforms such as our Sea Scout hats.

RN Training Vessels

We have the great benefit of access to certain RN vessels for training and summer camps.  Many of our Scouts aged over 12 attend summer camp at HMS Bristol.


The Ramsgate Small Boat Owners Association kindly donates the use of their mooring for our boats as well as the use of their boating area in the outer Harbour.  In return all Scouts become associate members of the group. This does not cost anything and is done under the care of 6th Ramsgate Sea Scouts.